Bradley Paul Clark

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Bradley Paul Clark, this “son-of-a-preacherman” was born into the ministry; his road has not been an easy one. Many of his family members are active in various capacities in the ministry. This was something that he wanted no part of. He became a professional actor and musician, later, flourished in the corporate world. In many areas of Bradley’s professional life, he seemed to have it all together-until he didn’t. After years of success and failure, triumph and sadness, Brad’s life gave way to the effects of poor choices and desperation that comes with drug addiction.

Today, by God’s amazing grace, a lot of hard work, commitment, and determination he has been delivered and set free! Bradley’s music shares the message that with God all things are possible and your past does not have to determine your future. Bradley’s mission is simple and clear: through Christ your tomorrow is amazing; get started on that tomorrow today!



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